The company has developed a breakthrough disruptive, patented 10 MW concept for wave energy conversion (WEC), named NoviOcean, (formerly Waverider). The numbers are on a completely different scale when comparing to other green or fossil energy sources.

For the sake of the environment, we want to double the development speed by collaborating with a development partner already at this stage, preferably a larger company.

Novige is a proud member of ABB SynerLeap and Create incubator,

The PTO (Power Take Off) section is named “Inverted Water Fall”​, since it functions much like a conventional hydro dam, just upside down, with the ocean being the dam.

The output is 30-300 times higher than any other wave power unit. The movable mass from 2-10% of competitors, plus almost embarrassing simple in the way it functions, with very few parts.

Six independent sources now indicate power output equal to the world’s largest wind power unit, but with weight, number of parts, deployment time/cost, size, complexity and distance from land, all about with 90% savings compared to wind power offshore. A possible disruption in other words! If the numbers continues to be confirmed, we will achieve a LCOE well below oil, coal and gas in a few years. The market only for wind power offshore is worth 57 billion USD yearly…

Prototype design, construction and testing is commenced now in 2018, at KTH University, in cooperation with MdH, Mälardalens Högskola. All in all seven master students from five countries, are working hard to accomplish this in 2018, which will confirm function and not the least give efficiency numbers on the PTO.

The floating platform/buoy, will be designed and likely tested in wave tank this year.

The renowned company WavEC in Portugal, is performing extremely thorough data animations on performance, function and survivability. When finished summer 2018, we will have exact LCOE numbers, normally by their experience, within 10% of later real-life tests.

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