Marine Energy Alliance and BlueInvest in collaboration with Novige

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Marine Energy Alliance (MEA) is a European collaborative project for innovations in marine energy technology. The purpose of the project is to give a number of companies in marine technology the opportunity to accelerate commercialization.

Through its participation in MEA, Novige AB will have access to world-leading expertise in marine energy development as well as the opportunity to work closely with a cross-border team of marine experts. At the same time, the European community BlueInvest joins Novige.

– We are of course very happy about these two collaborations, as it will increase our competence in the business, but also specifically contribute with technical analyzes. The competition regarding support for projects from these actors is very fierce and we are therefore extremely proud to be selected. When we now both receive awards and are selected for these programs, it is a confirmation that more and more very significant players are beginning to see both the potential and the scalability of our product. It means a lot to us that BlueInvest sees the potential in marine technology in general and NoviOcean specifically, says Jan Skjoldhammer, owner, and founder of Novige.

Earlier this summer, Jan Skjoldhammer was awarded the prestigious Mission Innovation Champion title for Sweden, the first in marine energy. Novige AB has recently received the award “Seal of Excellence” from the European Commission with the assessment “A high quality project”. Jan Skjoldhammer is also nominated for “Inventor of the Year” by Guldstänk, and for the 33-list / Ny Teknik.

About MEA and BlueInvest

The MEA consortium includes the Dutch Marine Energy Center (DMEC), the European Marine Energy Center (EMEC), the Center for Marine and Renewable Energy (MaREI), the Ecole Centrale de Nantes (ECN), Exceedence, INNOSEA, the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) and University of Edinburgh. The MEA project has a total budget of EUR 6 million and is financially supported by Interreg North West Europe, which provides EUR 3.6 million from ERDF financing.

Via the European Commission, BlueInvest is an exclusive coaching program for small and medium-sized companies with great potential for innovative and sustainable products and solutions in marine energy. The project has a clear focus on giving the carefully selected companies tailor-made business support.