Wave energy developer Novige AB moving forward, awarded 4.25 million SEK

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You Are Here:Wave energy developer Novige AB moving forward, awarded 4.25 million SEK

Novige AB, with its concept NoviOcean got a budget of 5.6 MSEK approved by the Swedish Energy Agency, where 1.35 will be provided by the company. 1.1 MSEK will go to Uppsala and KTH University for further research and work into various aspects of the novel concept.

Presently the development is at TRL 5/6, the unit having been prototype tested in both wave tank and offshore in its basic version, scale 1:5. The funding will provide means for further fine-tuning of the float and PTO/machinery, to increase effectiveness and prolong lifetime for various components.

–  To be able to stay below 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius of global warming, it is crucial to also utilize the enormous potential of the oceans very soon, not in two decades from now. Therefore, we need to move fast, and NoviOcean has an unusual potential to succeed in this. Funding being crucial to move forward quickly.

Many companies sponsor motorsport or athletes, but these days, what can be more important or meaningful than to sponsor companies that work hard to “save the climate”? What can we offer in return besides saving the climate? We can offer visits to our test rig at KTH, to our test site outside Stockholm, a place in our advisory board, use of our logo and monthly ZOOM events with your employees so they will be part of this important and motivating journey. Finally, when the full size 25 x 7-meter unit is at sea in three years, visits on board for a large number of employees as well as your VIP guests. Your customers and contacts will definitely appreciate your action!  Welcome to contact us for a chat of how to possibly arrange this.” says Jan Skjoldhammer, CEO and founder of Novige AB.

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