14 May, 2018

About Us

We make a significant impact

We are driven by the prospect of making a real contribution to lowering the climate impact associated with the world's need for electricity.

Our History

2011 – After seeing that many of his earlier ideas have been turned into successful businesses, Jan Skjoldhammer decides to put his focus on an idea that will soon be called NoviOcean wave energy converter (WEC). With the ambition to make a major positive impact for the environment, he puts an early stop on his long and successful career as an airline pilot to put all his focus on his entrepreneurial career.

2012-15 – To be able to not repeat the failures of many other marine energy concepts who have just followed an idea, very strict requirements was set from early start. It should be lighter, simpler, stronger, more durable, based on proven components, have high survivability and not the least, provide immense power.

After countless sketches and a pilot that did not meet the strict criteria, Jan is finally happy with the result. The design which checks all criteria with good margin! The large rectangular float based on a sketch made 35 years ago, combined with the “Inverted Hydro Power Plant at Sea”. The NoviOcean concept is born!

2016 – After an earlier successful entrepreneurial endeavor in property development business, Jan invests more freely in his idea and time with the dream of offering a highly accountable and cost-effective renewable energy technology to the world. Novige AB is officially founded. Two international patents are in place, and collaboration with three Swedish universities begin.

2018 – Since 2016, a total of 22 MSc students and 6 professors have contributed to the development of NoviOcean WEC. Dry lab physical tests were successfully completed, conducted at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, validating the concept and working principles. Design, construction and testing of the 1:6 scale prototype (with reference to the 500-kW unit) is ongoing. In 2018, Novige becomes a member of SynerLeap and the business incubator Create.

2019 – The core team has now grown to 3 on full-time basis, plus many more on part-time. The prototype has been manufactured, with the PTO and the rectangular float being separately tested. The control system and software has also been developed and the whole unit will be soon deployed offshore in the Stockholm Archipelago in November/December to test the performance, survival and control capabilities. With about 1 mEUR internal and external investment and more than 26,000 man-hours of work so far, we are getting ready to soon produce electricity from waves for the first time.

2020 and onward – After successful tank testing and offshore testing of our prototype and validating NoviOcean’s functionality and performance, we will apply our learnt-lessons to developing our first pre-commercial full-scale 500-kW device, the NO500. Year 2020 will be devoted to design of our first NO500 units, followed by construction in 2021 and open-water deployment and testing in 2022. 2023/24 is estimated to be the time we plan to launch our first commercial array.

Our Team

Jan Skjoldhammer - CEO

Phone: +46(0)851173706 - Mobile: +46(0)733948417
E-mail: jan.skjoldhammer@noviocean.energy
Jan has a background as an officer, instructor, captain and display pilot. He also has a profound technical side having, among many other projects, built his own race car for example. Through his career Jan has also gained immensely valuable experiences from an extensive, and ultimately very successful, entrepreneurial endeavor in the property development business.

Mårten R. Keijser - COO

E-mail: marten.keijser@noviocean.energy
As an engineer and project member/leader of increasing levels of seniority Mårten have gathered experience from highly complex product development projects at several large industrial companies as well as a number of startup companies and own entrepreneurial projects. His experiences are a perfect complement to those of Jan and the rest of the team.

Danial Hassani - CAO

Mobile: +46(0)702933972
E-mail: danial.hassani@noviocean.energy
Danial has backgrounds in both renewables and business administration. During his career, he gained valuable experience while working as a project manager for several large-scale renewable energy and highly complex energy intensive industrial projects. His experience, technical knowledge, and business skills complement the team perfectly.

Johan Mürer - CTO

E-mail: johan.murer@noviocean.energy
Johans brings to the table 38 years experience from design and analysis work in the aerospace industry. He has worked part time for Novige AB since it was started.

Anders Hagnestål - Senior R&D Advisor

E-mail: anders.hagnestal@noviocean.energy
Anders holds a PhD in plasma physics but has dedicated most of his career as a researcher and assistant professor at KTH working with generator technologies and power take off (PTO) solutions for wave power devices. He is currently working part time for Novige AB as a senior R&D advisor.