16 May, 2018

Contributions & Sponsors

The climate needs your action

Imagine taking part in saving the climate with price-competitive and clean renewable wave energy!

A few words from the founder

To finally make the wave energy profitable and accessible to all is no easy endeavor but is certainly a worthwhile cause for the best of the environment and our future generations. To make this into reality, I left my well-paying job as an airline captain/pilot and have until now worked more than 13,000 hours (six years) without any pay, as well as spent most of my savings.

I have also employed like-minded professionals who tirelessly work for this cause as they passionately believe in our ability to successfully bring this positive change to the world for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Jan Skjoldhammer & Douglas A-26 Invader after Atlantic crossing, 1988

There is also a growing circle of experts who are assisting/advising us in this challenging path without expecting monetary gain; simply because they are convinced that NoviOcean will bring about the long-awaited breakthrough in the wave energy sector for the better of the climate.

As you might know, our smaller NoviOcean 1:5 scale prototype has already been built and tested; it performed exactly as expected and matched third-party numerical analysis to the point. We are though preparing for some upgrades as I write this letter, as it takes time to make all perfect. However, the lessons we have learned so far make us confident in taking our next step to upscale and build our first full-scale 500 kW pilot unit.

We estimate to be able to do so for only 5 MEUR, which is a fraction of what other competitors have used for building much smaller models. A simple justification to such difference lies in the fact that the NoviOcean system is comprised of remarkably simple mechanisms, utilizing reliable components that have stood the test of time for many centuries. Despite unbelievably low development costs, there are still many challenges to overcome in our journey!

To fund this project, we are partially dependent on public grants which are coming in at a moderate pace. However, despite its critical importance, writing grant applications is an extremely time-consuming process, taking our time (and focus) away from what we should really be focusing on, which is designing and constructing our pilot unit. Working with various potential investors has also the same implications. Climate change is an urgent issue and will not wait for the slow-moving grant application system!

The more we can secure through grants and contributions, the faster we will be moving towards producing clean and affordable energy from the oceans. Our goal is to have NoviOcean WECs deployed in the thousands in all continents, serving millions of homes with stable energy from the oceans. It will be possible by the means of extremely priceworthy licensing to any serious company wanting to deploy NoviOcean arrays in their region!

We do not expect the same level of commitment from others, but if our story and our cause resonate with you, and if you would like to help us get “in the waters” as soon as possible, any contribution, big or small, will be highly appreciated! We are starting this option in June 2020, and hoping to see it growing soon.

Even though contributions of any sizes are welcome and much appreciated, we have prepared four special “Thank You” packages based on different levels of contributions. We have named them “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Gold”, and “Platinum” (please see below for more information).

To honor you, our donors and sponsors (Bronze and higher), we will list all the names of individuals/organizations who helped us, here on this page (provided that you give us your consent). You can also choose to receive Novige’s newsletter and regular updates on our progress via email.

Silver (and higher) contributors are most welcome to use our logotype in their marketing material. A nice way of showing your associates that you are taking real action in fighting climate change! Moreover, legitimate companies that belong to this group will have the opportunity to showcase their logo (and a link to their website) on our website.

A special perk available to our Gold (and higher) contributors will be to have their names/logos on a large visible placard placed on the first commercial NoviOcean WEC unit deployed, sitting there for twenty or more years.

Aside from the previously mentioned, our Platinum members will be included in a special section alongside our team. Also, there is an option available to join our core team and/or our advisory board if you wish so, giving you the opportunity to be a much-appreciated part of our adventure. More so, you will be mentioned in our press releases as well as being invited to our special events. When the time comes, you (our Platinum members) will be all invited on-board of our first commercial NoviOcean unit, with your VIP partners of choice, to see the real-life action, observing the cylinder pumping hard and hearing the turbine spinning wildly as it powers the generator. A ride of a lifetime, we guarantee it!

Jan Skjoldhammer
Founder and CEO, Novige AB
12 June 2020

  • Bronze contributions start from 100 EUR
  • Silver contributions start from 1,000 EUR
  • Gold contributions start from 2,000 EUR
  • Platinum contributions start from 10,000 EUR