9 August, 2021

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The Interchange Recharged podcast: how wave power can supplement wind and solar                                               

In this podcast, Jan Skjoldhammer, Novige's CEO/Founder, talks about a wave energy converter- NoviOcean technology- which can deliver lower energy costs and supplement the solar grid.

Nytt svenskt vågkraftverk testas i havet

På 12 minuter får du det senaste om ny svensk vågkraftsteknik och ett internationellt perspektiv om energislaget. Ny Tekniks energireporter Linda Nohrstedt är med i avsnittet och berättar om de nya svenska testerna och om hur energislaget utvecklas.

Does ocean energy have a chance?

In this podcast, Chris and Johan from Insider's Guide to Energy are joined by Jan Skjoldhammer, the CEO of NoviOcean. Here you find out more about how wave energy can meet the world’s electricity needs and which difficulties the wave energy sector faces in attracting funds/financing.

Insider’s Guide to Energy- 04.04.2022

Can wave energy contribute to energy stability… and when?  

Join Alex and Jan Skjoldhammer of NoviOcean to talk about their wave energy tech and the role of wave power in the renewables mix. In this conversation, they look at the current instability in the energy market and how new forms of energy could play into it.

Decarb Connect- 02.12.2021

Interview with wave energy and floating solar developers Novige and HelioRec

Novige‘s founder and CEO, Jan Skjoldhammer, along with HelioRec‘s founder and CEO, Polina Vasilenko, had the opportunity to be interviewed and talk about our innovative clean energy solutions at the Ocean Energy Exhibition and Conference 2021, held in RAI Amsterdam.

The Game Changers- 27.10.2021

Interview with The Salty Hands

Novige's CEO/Founder, Jan Skjoldhammer, in his interview with The Salty Hands talks about the innovative wave energy converter (WEC), NoviOcean, the potential, and strategies for "saving the climate with profitable wave power".

Interview with EX Venture 

Jan Skjoldhammer, CEO and Founder of Novige AB was interviewed by Julien Uhlig, EX Venture Speaker Series. In this conversation, you can find more about NoviOcean, a breakthrough and disruptive wave energy converter, 500 kW first, fully commercial, then by evolution, 2 MW, and 5 MW.


  • Vågmästaren, Talk magazine (from Nordea Private Banking), 21.10.2019

NoviOcean NO2 Prototype in Action | Site Visit Highlights | May 2022 (Three-minutes video)

We are excited to present to you shortly about NoviOcean and how we intend to improve the marine energy landscape through our unique yet profoundly simple solution.

The video was ...
recorded during our public site visit (20th and 24th May 2022) in Stockholm in which we presented the NoviOcean NO2 prototype and our latest achievements.

Various representatives from the EU Commission, industry actors, academia, newspapers, technical magazines, political parties, NGOs, and young researchers kindly joined us. We talked more about NoviOcean and all the attendees got a chance to take boat trips to watch the unit up close and in action.

In this short video, you will hear about our technology, mission, current achievements, and future plans from Jan Skjoldhammer (Novige's Founder/CEO).

Follow us to hear more about our latest developments and how we plan on "saving the climate with profitable wave power".

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