NoviOcean Advantages

Harnessing Nature's Power (Wave, Wind and Solar ) with Unmatched Efficiency and Sustainability

* 45% higher output than with only wave power

* 1.5 x the output vs offshore wind, for the same sea area, 2.5 x if combined, stable output

* Other floating wind and solar solutions have 75% the costs for only the structure, cable and moorings

* Our floating wind and solar cost: 25-40% of other solutions, plus survives the highest waves

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Wave energy Solo Impacts & Essentia

LCOE 1/3 VS. start of wind & solar

Sea area used 1/2 VS. offshore wind

Weight to power ratio 1/2 VS. floating offshore wind

Power to weight ratio 2-50x VS. competition

Baseload 4-5x For wind and wave combined

Baseload 2-3x VS. offshore wind

10 MW Wind Turbine

• 34 000 MWh / Year

• Often objections if close to land

15 MW NoviOcean

Wave/Wind Direction

24/7 stable delivery

• 52 000 MWh / Year

• 34 000 ton CO2 emissions avoided

• LCA = 17 kg CO2 eq. / MWh

• Close to land; no objections

24 mw Co-located

Wave/Wind Direction

24/7 stable delivery

• 86 000 MWh / Year

• Shared infrastructure costs, often 1/3 of CAPEX

• 3 000 sq. km. co-locations possible at present =102 000 000 tons CO2 avoided!

1MW NoviOcean Hybrid

Customer future add-on options:

Li-ion storage, H2 production, desalination

Triply Patented

with few, light, simple and well-proven components

HPAS concept

“Hydropower Plant at Sea” 38-meters long 150 tons

Stable, 24/7

delivery, less need for fossils and storage

Grid stability factor estimates:

(normalised for a typical daily electrical load - representing the area under the demand curve)

NoviOcean's hybrid solution (wave/solar/wind): 88%


Wave energy: 70% 

Tidal energy: 62%

Wind energy: 44%

Solar energy: 36%

Reliability in a snapshot:

Maximising stability of supply, economic attractiveness, and scalability potential...

Efficiency in a snapshot:

Aligning both customer and environmental needs...

Added Values

Avoided Emissions : 720 tons CO2 eq./unit/yr

LCA : 17 kg CO2 eq./MWh 7% of EU grid average

Not visually or audibly disturbing Not harming animal life



Wave Energy

Our Journey

Future Goals

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1 MW Hybrid Solution
650 kW Wave, 300 kW Wind, 50 kW Solar.
(40% capacity Factor | 3.5 GWh /unit/year)

Lighter, low LCOE, more powerful – the future of clean, efficient energy

Wave energy: 5x denser than wind, 10x solar, available 24/7, highly predictable.

Since 2016, pioneering simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability in cleantech

By 2030, 0.5 GW contracted, and by 2050, 10 GW, reflecting our ambition to campture 25% of the EU’s 2050 target, worth  E 30 billion in Europe alone. The global market is six times larger  

Structured path: Full-scale prototype 2022, commercial phase by 2029. Cost-efficient tech, global partners, and a sustainable future. Let’s connect!