Wave Energy Potentials in Europe

Harnessing the Ocean's Might: NoviOcean's Hybrid Solution for a Sustainable Future

Europe’s Wave Power Potential: A Clean Energy Future.



Europe’s vast coastline 202,000 kilometer, and strong wave energy density 2.5 to 30 kilowatt per meter, hold immense potential for clean, renewable power. With a theoretical annual potential 17 times the total electricity consumption, wave energy could be a game changer.


This is a map showing the theoretical potential of wave energy versus the total electricity production/consumption of all coastal countries and islands in Europe

Challenges remain, but NoviOcean are developing innovative solutions. our 1 MW Hybrid Solution combines wave, wind, and solar energies, doubling power output per area, and offering stable energy supply.

NoviOcean’s Advantages:

High Efficiency: Delivers 52,000 MWh/year per kilometer square with a 40% capacity factor.

Low Impact: Minimizes visual and environmental disruptions.

Cost-Effective: Offers a significantly lower Levelized Cost of Energy.


Seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of clean energy innovation. NoviOcean is currently working on strategic investments and pilot project partnerships. By joining forces, we can unlock the immense potential of wave energy and contribute to a sustainable and profitable future. Invest in NoviOcean and become a part of the clean energy revolution.


This list shows coastal countries and islands in Europe, the coastlines, coastal population percentage, wave energy density, theoretical wave energy potential, total annual electricity consumption, wave energy potential versus total electricity consumption.