Wave of Success: Novige AB Clinches Mission Innovation Champions Award

Revolutionizing Clean Energy with Cutting-Edge Wave Power Technology

Green Tech company Novige winner of prestigious Mission Innovation Champions

Title: "Wave of Success: Novige AB Clinches Mission Innovation Champions Award" Subtitle: "Revolutionizing Clean Energy with Cutting-Edge Wave Power Technology"

Mission Innovation (MI) was launched at the Paris Climate Conference 2015 and is a global initiative of 24 countries and the European Commission. The Mission Innovation Champions award was established with the purpose of speeding up the pace of innovations in clean energy and is a global platform for sustainable energy solutions. This prestigious award is being awarded for the second year in a row, with this year’s winner being the Swedish wave power company, Novige. For centuries, attempts have been made to extract energy from the seas, but none have so far been proven to be economical. The fact that this jury, consisting of highly qualified professors and doctors in the field, chose Jan and his product as the very first marine energy solution, gives a hint about what is about to happen. – This is a long-awaited acknowledgment of the fact that our solution will accelerate the necessary energy revolution. The potential for wave power is enormous. It is an honor to be awarded this award and we look forward to being able to continue the development and eventually see our units produce huge amounts of clean and stable energy in all continents, says Jan Skjoldhammer, owner and founder of Novige AB. The 21 award nominees are comprised of both research and innovation as well as private players, with the common focus being innovations that drive the energy revolution intending to make energy more reliable, cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient. The jury consists of reputable experts from all over the world, all with long experience and expertise in the energy sector. The 21 Champions work in a variety of energy-related fields and industries. They are individuals with a track record of progressing creative new ideas that can drive the pace and scale of the clean energy revolution — they are the people inventing the products and services of the future or discovering the science that underpins them. “The Champions were selected through a rigorous international competition, including peer-to-peer reviews and evaluations by a diverse panel of experts from around the globe. Applications were evaluated based on the audaciousness and creativity of the ideas or solutions proposed, their potential impact and the vision of the candidates towards addressing climate change challenges in the energy sector through innovation. The digital launch ceremony for Mission Innovation Champions was held today on June 12 and was led by Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for Research, Innovation, Education, and Culture. Key Note speaker was Javiera Aldunate Bengolea, Head of the Foreign Affairs office of the Ministry of Energy of Chile.



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