Waves of Innovation: A Conversation with Novige's CEO on NoviOcean's Wave Energy Converter

Exploring the Potential and Strategies for Sustainable Wave Power

Novige AB (NoviOcean) Interview with The Salty Hands

Exploring the Potential and Strategies for Sustainable Wave Power

Join Novige’s CEO/Founder, Jan Skjoldhammer, in his interview with The Salty Hands about our innovative wave energy converter (WEC), NoviOcean, the potential, and our strategies for “saving the climate with profitable wave power”.

Link to The Salty Hands Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeEe6N3iJgGM1gf7-L8je9A/featured



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1 MW Hybrid Solution
650 kW Wave, 300 kW Wind, 50 kW Solar.
(40% capacity Factor | 3.5 GWh /unit/year)

Lighter, low LCOE, more powerful – the future of clean, efficient energy

Wave energy: 5x denser than wind, 10x solar, available 24/7, highly predictable.

Since 2016, pioneering simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability in cleantech

By 2030, 0.5 GW contracted, and by 2050, 10 GW, reflecting our ambition to campture 25% of the EU’s 2050 target, worth  E 30 billion in Europe alone. The global market is six times larger  

Structured path: Full-scale prototype 2022, commercial phase by 2029. Cost-efficient tech, global partners, and a sustainable future. Let’s connect!