Innovating the Future: Novige's Journey with NoviOcean WEC

Pioneering Sustainable Wave Energy Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

Novige and the development of NoviOcean WEC

Here is a showcase by our team on the development of their NoviOcean WEC. The Novige team has so far successfully demonstrated a scaled prototype of their innovative wave energy converter (WEC) technology both offshore and in wave tanks, showing how we are preparing to reach our goal of “Saving the climate with profitable wave power”.

The team has so far been recognized for numerous awards and recognitions such as the Mission Innovation Champion 2020, Guldstänk’s Innovator of the year, EU’s Seal of Excellence, Stena Line’s Propeller Prize 2021, and has been recently nominated for the Startup4Climate award!

To expand globally, the Novige team is looking to partner with industrial companies with a global network. Interested in knowing more? Consider subscribing and visiting our website:

Pioneering Sustainable Wave Energy Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

NoviOcean Working Principles' Animation



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1 MW Hybrid Solution
650 kW Wave, 300 kW Wind, 50 kW Solar.
(40% capacity Factor | 3.5 GWh /unit/year)

Lighter, low LCOE, more powerful – the future of clean, efficient energy

Wave energy: 5x denser than wind, 10x solar, available 24/7, highly predictable.

Since 2016, pioneering simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability in cleantech

By 2030, 0.5 GW contracted, and by 2050, 10 GW, reflecting our ambition to campture 25% of the EU’s 2050 target, worth  E 30 billion in Europe alone. The global market is six times larger  

Structured path: Full-scale prototype 2022, commercial phase by 2029. Cost-efficient tech, global partners, and a sustainable future. Let’s connect!