1 MW Hybrid Solution

650 kW Wave, 300 kW Wind, 50 kW Solar.

(40% Capacity Factor | 3.5 GWh /unit/year)

Multi-award winning solution:

• ”The hybrid 1 MW wave, wind & solar power plant at sea”

• Three patents, 20 countries

All in one unit

• 650 kW wave, 300 kW wind,50 kW sun

• 40% Capacity Factor

Validated, all results matching:

• Third party simulations

• 24 months test rig runs

• Six weeks of tank testing

• 14 months 1/6 scale offshore testing

• All showing superior performance

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NoviOcean Wave Energy Converter

The Science Behind Our Success

The NoviOcean Wave Energy Converter operates by ingeniously using buoyancy to capture the energy of ocean waves. Here's how it works:

1. As the wave’s shape rises, the float closes a valve, securing it in place relative to the sea floor.


2. The wave surrounds the float, locking up to three meters of it underwater.


3. 600 cubic meters of air become trapped beneath the surface.


4. At the right pressure, a valve opens, directing the lifting force onto a Pelton turbine, which drives the generator.


5.Up to 1 000 liters of water hitting the turbine every second, with 400 km/h, creating immense force

Based on 3 well proven and simple parts:

1. Large Float

2. Turbine housing and Hydraulic Cylinder

3. Pelton Turbine

The proof is in the pudding!

The real performance matches the simulations to the point!

Simulations and tests show 3-30 times more output vs competition for the wave energy converter part

Extrapolated graphs based on offshore 1-6 scale prototype testing. The exact same model proves with no doubt the wave power unit will deliver 650 kW (after losses) in 4-meter waves. /Remember also to adjust to 650 kW.

1 MW Hybrid Solution

650 kW wave, 300 kW wind, 50 kW solar

(40% capacity factor | 3.5 GWh/unit/year)

NoviOcean’s lifting force by buoyancy

is 600 tons in four-meter waves for a float net area of 260 sq. meters (38 x 8 m)

the solutions not using buoyancy

need about 30x larger area to create a similar force. This equals about 8 000 sq. m or 800 x 10 meters, which will be far too heavy and costly

To extract the needed

high amounts of energy per ton of material in the ocean, buoyant concepts are in our opinion the only realistic solution. The others are simply way too costly vs output

NoviOcean Wave Energy Convrter 650 kW

Vertical Wind Turbines 300 kW

Solar Panels 50 kW

* 45% higher output than with only wave power

* 1.5 x the output vs offshore wind, for the same sea area, 2.5 x if combined, stable output

* Other floating wind and solar solutions have 75% the costs for only the structure, cable and moorings

* Our floating wind and solar cost: 25-40% of other solutions, plus survives the highest waves

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1MW NoviOcean Hybrid

Customer future add-on options:

Li-ion storage, H2 production, desalination

Triply Patented

with few, light, simple and well-proven components

HPAS concept

“Hydropower Plant at Sea” 38-meters long 150 tons

Stable, 24/7

delivery, less need for fossils and storage



Wave Energy

Our Journey

Future Goals

Investor Portal

1 MW Hybrid Solution
650 kW Wave, 300 kW Wind, 50 kW Solar.
(40% capacity Factor | 3.5 GWh /unit/year)

Lighter, low LCOE, more powerful – the future of clean, efficient energy

Wave energy: 5x denser than wind, 10x solar, available 24/7, highly predictable.

Since 2016, pioneering simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability in cleantech

By 2030, 0.5 GW contracted, and by 2050, 10 GW, reflecting our ambition to campture 25% of the EU’s 2050 target, worth  E 30 billion in Europe alone. The global market is six times larger  

Structured path: Full-scale prototype 2022, commercial phase by 2029. Cost-efficient tech, global partners, and a sustainable future. Let’s connect!