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The Game Changers | Interview with Novige and HelioRec during OEEC 2021, Amsterdam

Yesterday, Novige‘s founder and CEO, Jan Skjoldhammer, along with HelioRec‘s founder and CEO, Polina Vasilenko, had the opportunity to be interviewed and talk about our innovative clean energy solutions at the Ocean Energy Exhibition and Conference 2021, held in RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Both companies are supported by the Marine Energy Alliance project. By following this link to the interview, we get to hear more about these solutions and why they are to be important

Novige and the development of NoviOcean WEC

Here is a showcase by our team on the development of their NoviOcean WEC. The Novige team has so far successfully demonstrated a scaled prototype of their innovative wave energy converter (WEC) technology both offshore and in wave tanks, showing how we are preparing to reach our goal of “Saving the climate with profitable wave power”.

The team has so far been recognized for numerous awards and recognitions such as the Mission Innovation Champion 2020, Guldstänk’s Innovator of the year, EU’s Seal of Excellence, Stena Line’s Propeller Prize 2021, and has been recently nominated for the Startup4Climate award!

To expand globally, the Novige team is looking to partner with industrial companies with a global network. Interested in knowing more? Consider subscribing and visiting our website:

Novige is nominated for yet another startup challenge award

For the third time in a row, Novige is nominated for another award… This time it is Startup4climate, Sweden’s largest innovation challenge within the energy sector, organized by GodEl and Ellevio. The purpose of the challenge is to promote and support clean energy solutions and innovations that have the highest potential in accelerating the global energy transition. All innovations and startups in the competition are presented on We Don’t Have Time, a social network dedicated

Testing Novige’s NoviOcean NO2 Prototype at ECN’s LHEEA

We are happy to announce that the extensive tests at the Research Laboratory in Hydrodynamics, Energetics and Atmospheric Environment (LHEEA) in École Centrale de Nantes (ECN), France, have now been successfully concluded. The results show a very promising future for the NoviOcean wave energy converter (WEC) technology, proving our mathematical calculations and third-party wave2wire models.

According to the results, it has now been shown that the full-scale NoviOcean unit (rated at 500 kW) will reach its full output in 3.5-meter waves and higher, showing the immense potential ahead. Also, our new float design proved to be an improvement over the previously simplified version by which balanced front and back mooring loads could be achieved. It is worth noting that the ratio of lifting vs. horizontal loads is 20 to 1, which is unheard of in the wave energy industry. In the video, the unit is lifting 800 kg in every wave, which translates to approximately 600 tons in the full-scale unit.

This was the second time that we were granted access to perform such extensive tests in a highly equipped wave testing facility under the MaRINET2 programme, which we are very appreciative of (the first time was in 2020 in COAST Lab. Ocean Basin, Plymouth). We would also like to thank the highly professional and cooperative staff of ECN’s LHEEA during the time of our testing at their facilities.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 Framework Programme (H2020) under grant agreement no 731084.

Novige’s Introduction for Stena Line’s Propeller Prize

This introductory video was made by Stena Line to present Novige as a finalist for Stena Line’s Propeller Prize 2021. Stena Line Propeller Prize was held by Blue Science Park during the digital event Innovation Day in Karlskrona on May 6 2021. The following statement is the motivation of the jury for selecting Novige as the winner of the category Maritime Technology:
“The winner is a company driven by true entrepreneurship and passion for innovation. It has a strong sustainability profile and if successful in implementing its product on the international market, it will contribute to mitigate the climate crisis.”
We are truly honored by this recognition and will try even harder to realize the long-awaited breakthrough in ocean energy in order to “save the climate with profitable wave power”.

Novige AB has been announced as the winner of Stena Line’s Propeller Prize 2021

Today, we are happy to be announced as the winner of the Stena Line Propeller Prize 2021. Other nominated companies had strong solutions, but we are glad to see that Stena Line’s jury of experts chose us. – It seems that our message of “Saving the climate with profitable wave power” is getting heard by more and more environmentally-active organizations, says Jan Skjoldhammer, CEO and founder of Novige AB The next step in our journey is to evaluate

NoviOcean / Novige AB nominated as one of six for the final round of Stena Line’s Propeller Prize

Yesterday we received this pleasant info: “Congratulations! You have been nominated for step 2 in Stena Line Propeller Prize” Stena Line Propeller Prize is an entrepreneur prize granted annually to young businesses in the ICT and Maritime Technology arena. There are two categories, each with three nominees. One of them is marine technology which we will be competing in. Stena Line is one of the world`s largest ferry lines, with a strong focus on sustainability. This aligns

Wave energy developer Novige AB moving forward, awarded 4.25 million SEK

Novige AB, with its concept NoviOcean got a budget of 5.6 MSEK approved by the Swedish Energy Agency, where 1.35 will be provided by the company. 1.1 MSEK will go to Uppsala and KTH University for further research and work into various aspects of the novel concept. Presently the development is at TRL 5/6, the unit having been prototype tested in both wave tank and offshore in its basic version, scale 1:5. The funding will provide means

Mats Andersson new Chairman of the Board of Novige AB

As part of intensifying the Board’s work and preparing the company for the next growth phase, Mats Andersson has been appointed as the new Chairman of Novige’s Board from February 5´th 2021. Mats has a solid background as CEO of Conductor, Anticimex and Unitraffic. He is chairman of seven different companies and has an exceptionally successful track record when it comes to expanding and improving both the valuation and turnover of well-known listed companies. Mats has also